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The (almost) perfect solution

brio3785 -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

25 minutos - 1 hora


Mi Problema

My dock had an obvious problem. The indicator showed water damage, although it had never been submerged and battery life was terrible due to what I'm sure was the dock shorting. After trying to address the problem with a restore I decided that rather than buying a whole new phone I would brave the sacred innards and fix it myself.

Mi Solucion

The part came to me within a day. It was insane. Fastest shipping from anyone, anywhere. I had fiddled with the insides of iPhones ever since I got my ifixit tool set and did some other repairs on friends phones. The guide was great and was very detailed. Full repair took about an hour, but that is because I was very careful and our power went out midway during the repair. Geez.

Directly after surgery every thing was great. Accessories that I had trouble with before worked perfectly again. Battery life is at least doubled. If not tripled. Only downfall is that this does not come with a liquid indicator strip. Don't know if you can get those other places. Probably not. I don't think apple would like this much. Other than that, this took patience, a little time, and a great tool set.

Mi Consejo

I don't think you can replace the indicator strip. So if your indicator isn't pink but the dock is malfunctioning, I would take it to apple first rather than being indicator less and voiding a warranty.

Also don't pull too hard on the plastic battery flap thing. Pry the battery up, or yours will tear off like mine.

Also be very careful and patient with the home button ribbon.

Imagen iPhone 4S Dock Connector
iPhone 4S Dock Connector


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