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The Iphone4 that could not swim!

edwardc1 -

Mi Problema

A swim in the pool caused my grandson's IPhone to get sick and 2 weeks in Rice did not fix...Battery shorted and required special tools to replace..Such small screws..Thanks fixit !!!!!!!!

Mi Solucion

A new Battery, and the HELP of fixit's 54 pc tool set minus two lost screws, the IPhone is now, well, operable!!!! If NOT for the #000 Phillips screw driver that IPhone would be in bottom of some VERY LARGE Dumpster now!!!!!

Mi Consejo

Please, Do NOT attempt this repair on Plush dark Colored carpet!!!!Use small amount of Non-hardening adhesive on tip of phillips bit....Somewhere, in my carpet lies battery clip screw and one back cover screw......

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