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iphone crack = heart break

anth o -

iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutos


Mi Problema

As the title says, the rear glass panel cracked. cracked, very bad! Sure i have dropped it a few times (each time my heart skips a beat, yes) and then one day it just decides to crack.. ouch..! just slipped through my fingers and THUD! I was like no no noo.. at that time i didn't know about ifixit and didn't think it was possible to repair it. Heartbreaking right!

Well, then i texted my "one and only" and told him about it. He said not to worry, and told me about ifixit. i was like yeah! to make it better still, he said he has the tools so told me just order the glass panel and he will do the rest. Yipee!

Mi Solucion

My guy repaired it for me since he is the only i know who is equipped with the right tools. Apparently, later i came to know he lost one tool (I seriously don't know which one) and said he used a KNIFE! Frankly, don't care how he got it done i was happy when i got it back. ALl nice and clean.

BUT he forgot something. He forgot to take off the rubber from the lens. I was testing the camera and the pics turned out blur! Hmm, so much for repairing..! As i am writing this wonderful story, the work is not complete yet.

Mi Consejo

My advice? Check everything properly before you close up your phone!! :D

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