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How I replaced my Original iPhone 3GS battery in less than 30 min for just 20€

Pillet -

Mi Problema

Am a music producer and very soon I had a crush for Macintosh and obviously when the first iPhone came out it was more than normal to get One!!! I must say , i use my phone a phone , meaning am not a geek with SMS , internet ect... am calling people and took some pics that's it ...

A few years ago I had to open my Original Powerbook G4 Aluminium 17" from 2002 ... A little bit of dust in it , after a very carefully cleaning it still today running and saving my life when I have problem with the Mac pro which is much more Often if you compare with first generation.... New marketting plan .... new F**** vison of How To F**** people like !&&* anyway :(

then I found you :D

After a few yeras my original 3G battery was dead & it's normal but the Price they ask it here in Europe in any Apple reseller shop is flirting with 100€ !!! He guys , can we b serious a little bit please ......

Hum....Am not so stupid !

I order my Kit for 14,95$ + shipping .... it cost me 20€ and this is how it goes !!!!!

Mi Solucion

Mi Consejo

I must say it took me 1/2 hour to fix it !!! if remember you have to follow the pics guide and not Only the video where there is not some little importants parts like (little stiker Do not remove for exemple)

Otherwise it's easy .... really !!!

Imagen iPhone 3G Replacement Battery
iPhone 3G Replacement Battery


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