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Better repair than Apple did...

ethancorey -

iPod Touch 3rd Generation

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Display Replacement

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Display Replacement

10 - 20 minutos


Mi Problema

The LCD in my iPod managed to crack, but ONLY the LCD. The glass was untouched. I had no clue how this could be possible, but once I'd opened the iPod, all became clear.

Mi Solucion

This was a refurb unit provided to me in exchange for an iPod Touch that had died (home button stopped working). I had originally noticed that the glass wasn't quite lined up, because some light would show around the edges at night. As it turns out, when this iPod was put back together (refurb, remember) the glass screen wasn't fully seated or aligned. That meant the plastic that locates the LCD ended up being out of place, and the LCD took the hit the plastic surround would have taken. It also meant the repair was difficult, because the glass screen removal was nearly impossible- the plastic surround that locates the LCD is what holds in the glass, and it was wedged out of place, like previously said. So, one side freed easily, the other side, the plastic ended up cracking off. Superglue to the rescue! The rubber was pretty much destroyed, though. After the glass was removed, I found that only one of the 8 screws beneath the screen was actually engaged. One was actually turned on its side, pressing on the back of the LCD. Also not helpful in the failure....

After installing the new screen, putting in the screws properly, and getting everything positioned, the glass simply fell into place, and the only light that shows through the edges now is where the rubber was damaged.

Mi Consejo

First, TEST THE SCREEN AND TOUCH GLASS BEFORE REINSTALLING IT! The last thing you want to do is snap it all back together only to find the LCD doesn't turn on, or the touch screen isn't working.

Second, BE PATIENT when removing the glass. It really wasn't designed for removal. I found it was easiest to insert the tool opposite to what the repair images shows, so the handle was away from the iPod, and then pry towards the screen first to release the catch, then pry the other way to lift the screen.

Also, if the glass doesn't seem to fit right (light shows through the edges, can be moved slightly) consider getting a new glass screen as well, since you're most likely going to destroy the rubber edging.

Imagen iPod touch (3rd Gen) LCD
iPod touch (3rd Gen) LCD


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