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iPod Classic 7g from broken to upgraded

laird -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Rear Panel Replacement

iPod Classic Rear Panel Replacement

1 hora

Very difficult

Mi Problema

Dropped iPod classic 7G had cracked screen. Decided to upgrade while fixing, so I replaced the LCD and swapped in a Toshiba 240gb drive. Thicker drive necessitated using a thicker back, so I had to replace the back too.

Mi Solucion

Piece of cake. As usual, the hardest part was getting the case open. Was done in 20 minutes.

Mi Consejo

Unless your screen is already cracked, keep away from the screen as much as possible when opening the case. Work in the middle of the longer-sides first...then get the bottom going. Go SLOWLY!

Imagen de iPod Classic Color Display
iPod Classic Color Display


Imagen de iPod Classic Thick Rear Panel
iPod Classic Thick Rear Panel


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