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IfixIt with iFixit Trilogy - Only One Regret

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iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement


Mi Problema

We have multiple generations of iPhones in our Apple off-site 24/7 destructive test lab (aka household). With limited funding from the "parent" company available, iFixit has become an essential partner in keeping our test lab functional with limited downtime. Destructive Test 1 - Can your iPhone be used as a floating device? No, but a quick dis-assembly with iFixit tools, a blow dryer, iFixit video and a new iFixit battery IfixIt. Destructive Test 2 - Can you kill a spider with an iPhone from 5 feet? Fortunately the test spider survived but, the screen didn't. Thanks to iFixit parts and tools, testing resumes. Destructive Test 3 - At what point will the connector fail when swung overhead by the charge cord? Approximately 3 G's (3G models), 4 G's (4G models). A new member to our destructive testing lab, ordered an inferior non-iFixit connector from iCheapo's. Utilizing iFixit tools, we were able to make the repair, but fitment was poor, included tools were all left handed and would not work. Repair required 4 destructive test lab employees, standby iFixit tools and several hours of downtime to perform the repair.

Mi Solucion

iFixit - excellent rating - parts typically arrive within a day of order (we are only a couple hundred miles from iFixit (Meca)), they are good quality, fit perfectly, tools work, videos simplify the repair.

iCheapo - miserable failure, parts delays, poor quality, no instructions or support

Mi Consejo

Buy good quality from a vendor dedicated to making your repairs go smoothly.

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