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verizon iphone 4 replacement battery install

skimboarder213 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

My iphone was losing battery extremely fast because my phone is always with me outside at the beach. It got overheated too many times im assuming so i decided to buy a replacement battery and now my iphone has 50% at the end of the day instead of 0%. Im super happy with the results. I would definitely recommend this product to anybody looking to extend the battery life of their worn out phone.

Mi Solucion

My repair took all of about 10 minutes. The only tough part was removing the battery from the adhesive. I think my phone was a special case because my phone has overheated too much and started to melt the adhesive. I tried using a case opener tool like the video recommended but i had a small flat head screw driver that i decided to try instead. Just prying up the battery took the longest of the repair. The next concerning part was that the cable going from the battery to the metal connector was too long and i had to tuck it back onto the battery. The last tough part was connecting the metal connector. It was tough to connect the battery to the phone and i thought i was gonna break something so what i did was i lined up the connector with the screw that holds it in place and just screwed it down. It worked like a charm and now my phone works flawlessly!

Mi Consejo

Buy a small jeweler flat head screw driver and use that to pry up the battery if you are having trouble instead of the case opener tool because it bent my case opener tool so far that im now unable to use it anymore.

Imagen iPhone 4 Replacement Battery
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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