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Replace screen on Lumix TZ5

frank -

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Mi Problema

I've carried it in my pocket for years, musta bumped it. Black stripes appeared on the LCD whether it was turned on or off. The best price I could find to repair it was $175. For that money, I'd get a new camera.

I found an OEM screen on ebay for 50 bucks. I figured why not give it a try.

Mi Solucion

Your step-by-step instructions inspired me to attempt this.

The only problem with the instructions was no description of how those locks work on the surface connectors. The big one was easy. I failed to observe that the small one opened from the opposite side. I ended up popping out that latch altogether.

A few minutes with a pair of tweezers got it reinstalled.

Otherwise a piece of cake! Camera works fine and I saved at least a hundred bucks.

Mi Consejo

If you need to replace the screen on your TZ5, do it yourself, it ain't too tough.

I made a sleeve from a plastic "Keep Off The Grass" sign to protect the camera in my pocket.

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