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Cool tools

dbols00 -

Mi Problema

iPhone 4S lost sound effects for games and notifications. Phone ringer still works. Thought that the phone got damp.

Mi Solucion

Tools (Pro Tech Tool kit) and repair manuals were ideal for accessing the 4S and with my eyesight, the head magnifier was perfect for magnification and leaving both hands free to hold the work. Got a few laughs from the office in the process. Fortunately none of the water indicators appear to be affected but there is some corrosion on the docking interface. Unfortunately, I do not have a brush small enough to give it a good cleaning.

Mi Consejo

Nothing beats taking your time when disassembling these devices. Saves alot of headaches later. I will be getting the magnetic mat for future work though. The screws are just too %#*@ small and easy to get them confused with each other.

Apple needs to address the sounds issue since it seems to be a common problem.

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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