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Shure UR1M repair

drew -

Mi Problema

Not computer gear, but a Shure UR1M Wireless audio transmitter that is secured with security headed torx head screws. It's been in for repair before so I wanted to give a really solid guide to the repair folks at Shure as to the nature of the fault.

Mi Solucion

Go the transmitter open with no problems and was able to isolate the fault down to where the antenna connection meets the very tiny PCB in the transmitter. It is now packaged back up and is getting sent off to Shure repair with a full description of the problem and where the fault lies so that they can get it all buttoned up.

Mi Consejo

Be careful and organized opening these up, they are very tight inside and there's not a lot of wiggle room for getting the electronics out. You also want to make sure that when you close it back up all of the rubber gaskets are back in the correct position or you'll be opening the transmitter up to moisture damage.

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