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The Amazing Trackpad Conundrum

deruddell -

Mi Problema

My wife had been complaining about the trackpad on her 2010 Macbook Pro. It was detecting clicks very well at all, and I had heard several suggestions about how to fix it (dirty, loose screw). With that in mind, I cracked the case only to discover the infamous pentalobe screws of agony. I turned to for a tool in which to overcome such an evil beast.

Mi Solucion

With the Pro Tech Toolkit in hand and the pentalobe screws of agony in sight, I laid waste to the 3-headed battery beast, gaining access to trackpad and its screw. I had looked at more guides and tutorials on how to fix the trackpad and knew it had to be the adjustment screw, so I gave it a slight turn and popped the Macbook back together. After powering it on, I had my wife try the repair. A smile and and a sigh of relief was all I needed to know it had worked.

Mi Consejo

Use the PH000 to get the case open, the Star-6 to get the battery out and the T6 to tighten or loosen the trackpad click adjustment.

Imagen Pro Tech Toolkit
Pro Tech Toolkit


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