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An excellent edition to your armoury

grahammilsom01 -

Mi Problema

As someone who has been repairing laptops and PC's for many years, time and time again ive been asked if I fix iThings. On one occassion I bit the bullet and decided to repair an ipod with a cracked digitiser. After ordering the replacement parts from ebay (with the ubiquitious free 'tools') I set about performing the repair in line with one of the numerous free guides on the web. Within minutes of starting I quickly discarded the free 'tools' as they simply are not up to the job. By the time i had finished I also needed to order a replacement bezel due to the damage caused using my own tools, and completed the job at a loss. Never again I said UNTIL I came across this set of pry tools which has since made life a lot easier to the point where im now taking on iphones and ipads aswell as ipods to repair.

Mi Solucion

These pry tools are a god-send. Repair of an ipod 4 completed with ease and im so pleased with these tools that il now be using them for all manner of delicate prying work (except where anti static procedures are a must!) They are very well crafted and durable enough to inspire a little confidence when poking around the delicate bezel of a broken iThing.

Mi Consejo

If my story sounds similar to your own experiences then get a set of these pry tools. You wont regret it!

Imagen Metal Spudger Set
Metal Spudger Set


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