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Pushing in micro connectors, tweezers, micro philips drivers AND IT WORKED!!

Selim Targay -

Mi Problema

Dropped the phone on its corner and the screen shattered. Literally shattered, as in shrapnel flew every which direction trying to kill me for dropping it..

Mi Solucion

The repair took about 2 hours (including beer breaks) and went just like the step by step instructions said they would go. You do need to take it slow and steady, very stead, since a lot of the connectors are extremely delicate.

Mi Consejo

1) Watch the video. It has some very useful tips!

2) Using an egg carton to put the screws in is key. I placed the screws into the egg carton with tweezers and marked what size screws they were based on the instructions. This made putting the whole thing back together extremely easy

3) You need tweezers. The screws are tiny, so you need to be careful and also work in an area where you could potentially find a screw if it falls.

4) Caution when lifting the battery out, it's non-serviceable so it is very soft. Bend or dent it and it may short out (not good).

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