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Oh - I spilled wine on my MacBook Pro

Roy Gadischke -

Mi Problema

After spilling a small quantity of wine on my 3 mth old MacBook Pro key pad I now have no back lighting on the display.

Mi Solucion

After receipt of my new tool kit (I was very impressed with the quality and value for money) and finding the (easy to follow) instructions on I set about dismantling my laptop. This was exciting and scary for me as my usual tools for repairing anything would be a welder and set of large spanners with perhaps a hammer for good measure. After reassembly around mid-night amazingly it still worked however I still have no backlighting.

Mi Consejo

Solution - Today I purchased a second hand 20" Apple display for $199.

I now have a less portable laptop but perhaps a cheap repair option.

I have also stopped drinking wine.

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