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9.5 mm Optical Bay SATA Hard Drive Enclosure

truecolours1971 -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Optical Drive Replacement


Mi Problema

My DVD gave way and I wanted more HDD space as my current SSD is only 240GB for OSX.

Mi Solucion

Took a very short time to install as I opened up before. Still you have to be very careful when you install the small little parts when you detached the whole DVD. Those screws are pretty small. Those with fat fingers, please do take note as it's not easy to put back those screws.

Mi Consejo

Same as per iFixit advice. Make sure you put your screws in the right order. Make sure you all get the right tools before you begin. Put a white paper as your base before you start anything as white base is easier to detect all the small parts when you open it up and place them.

I was so excited about turning it on that I forgot to take some photos of it.

For now, it's SSD Sandisk Extreme 240GB on original HDD bay. Dead DVD taken out and add additional 750 WD 7200rpm. I have nearly 1TB of HDD space. To those who think the early 2008 Macbook Pro is slow, after putting on the SSD and additional HDD, I need not carry an external HDD which is a hassle at time.

I did not want to replace another DVD drive as nowadays, we hardly use it. Plus you can have external slim DVD drives which does not need external power which is light and cheap.

Imagen 9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA Hard Drive Enclosure
9.5 mm PATA Optical Bay SATA Hard Drive Enclosure


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