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Old Macbook Nightmare

TommyAVS -

Mi Problema

A friend asked me to backup all of his contents of an old white MacBook, which did not turn on anymore so I decided to take out the HDD which for some reason has buried deep inside of it. I got the HDD out by looking at some of iFixit guides and saw a link for the tool kit, and decided to buy it cause the plastic on the MacBook got very bent up by the screwdrivers.

Mi Solucion

Pain in the butt, lots of screws and parts but all if fine and data is safe. The MacBook is damaged beyond repair because I didn't have the tool it to help me out.

Mi Consejo

If you're taking apart any laptops definitely get this tool kit. Better safe then sorry, especially if the laptop is in working condition. Now that I have the kit I'm ready to tackle more jobs.

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