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Averted a zombie apocalypse by fixing the 360 controller.

killhappy -

Mi Problema

One day while entrenched in warfare with hordes of zombies in a mall, my 360 controller that I was using decided it could no longer handle the pressure and committed suicide by diving into the zombie horde. One of the analog sticks was out of socket and the left trigger was done.

Mi Solucion

I established my sterile zone on my favorite repair table. I had to ensure the area was sanitary so no other outside influences could get in. I took out the trusty 96 piece Security Bit set out and began to dismantle. It went fine until I got to bottom 2 screws on the handles. The bit from the set was not long enough to reach the screws. I had to perform a gastroectomy to the holes in order to get the screws out. I worked through the problem and the controller was ressurected

Mi Consejo

I really think that the bits need to be about 2-3 mm longer in order to reach the screws at the bottom of the handles. This would have helped tremendously. Other then that everything went smoothly and I was able to ressurect the controller.

Imagen Xbox 360 Opening Tool
Xbox 360 Opening Tool


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