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Replaced the Superdrive in my Mac-Mini

tstovall -

Mac mini Model A1283

Mac mini Model A1283 Optical Drive Replacement

Mac mini Model A1283 Optical Drive Replacement

25 minutos - 1 hora


Mi Problema

My Optical drive would not read a CD and it made a horrible noise. I used the guide and opened the case to find a few of the tiny gears from the original drive had fallen out. It was obvious that one of my children had tried to insert more than one CD in the drive.

Mi Solucion

I ordered a used drive, used the guide provided and low and behold the problem was fixed and I am back to burning my CD's. Took me about 30 minutes to complete the repair

Mi Consejo

Keep your toddlers away from your computer systems. The repair tool kit was a big help since I usually dont work on anything with parts and screws that small. I did find it was easier to remove the chassis to replace the optical drive in order to get to the screws that hold the drive interface board on.

Imagen de 12.7 mm SATA 8x SuperDrive
12.7 mm SATA 8x SuperDrive


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