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Bad Kitty

ttuong -

Mi Problema

Our cat tipped over our macbook and it hit the ground on the ACplug side of the computer. The damaged caused the DC board to fail.

Mi Solucion

I carefully replaced the DC Board with the tools i ordered and all is good again.

Mi Consejo

Keep track of all the screws, they have have many different sizes.

I could not get the computer to power up the first attempt. when I figured it out, the problem was my keyboard cable(the long ribbon) was not all the way in. Would have been easier to slip the ribbon cable back in if the battery was out. but I didn't have the triwing tip to remove the battery. The solution is to use a small amount of tape. Tape a ribbon cable use the tape to help pull/push the ribbon cable all the way inside the connector then lock the connector in place. That was my only issue with the repair is slipping the ribbon cable for the keyboard back in place.

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Heavy-Duty Spudger


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Metal Spudger Set


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