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My First iPhone Repair!

cliffx71 -

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Mi Problema

My niece has been wanting a iPhone 4 for forever!! Well, I handed down an iPhone that i bought May of last year to my nephew after the iPhone 4S came out last October. My nephew dropped the iPhone 3 weeks ago, so he stopped using the phone and bought a used one off of Ebay. My niece asked her mom if she could use the iPhone 4 even though the screen was smashed. Her mom said yes. I couldn't stand to see a broken iPhone so I bought the tools for and the rest is history!! Perfectly working iPhone!!!

Mi Solucion

The repair took 1.5 hours and there were absolutely no problems. I took breaks and deep breaths frequently.

Mi Consejo

The only thing I wish I had known before starting the repair would be how difficult it was to remove the battery or anything else that was glued down.

Imagen de Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Imagen de Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver
Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver


Imagen de P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone
P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone


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