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4th Generation iPod Photo - It's ALIVE!

sm537 -

iPod 4th Generation or Photo

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Battery Replacement

iPod 4th Generation or Photo Battery Replacement

15 minutos - 1 hora


Mi Problema

Because all my music and books (as well as some pictures) was on it with all my favorite playlists and still a ton of space - way more than the 8GB ipod touch handed down to me. Also, way cheaper and less of a hassle than buying a new one.

Mi Solucion

Took me a b it to pry it apart but finally did it. I also didn't have the special screwdriver to remove the circuit board (perhaps provide that or offer it as an accessory) but I was able to carefully use a mini eyeglass screwdriver without stripping the screws. The battery looked slightly inflated too - like the battery on my actual Mac...

Mi Consejo

It had a sad face and it sounded like the hard drive was the issue, but I took a change on it being the battery because it also didn't seem to charge towards the end. It was totally worth it.

Imagen iPod 4G/Photo Replacement Battery
iPod 4G/Photo Replacement Battery


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