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Replacing my front display

silverstefan -

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Mi Problema

I dropped my iphone on a stone floor (i wasnt drunk i promise...). And i like fiddling with electronics and such so i figured i would try and fix it myself. I mean why spend around $600 on something that you cant have fun with?

Mi Solucion

During the entire procedure i was sweating like crazy and was in a small state of panic. I did run into a couple of problems with some screws, they're so %#*@ tiny! So my iphone is now 2screws lighter.

Even watching a lot of tutorial videos and all of them saying NOT to pinch the screen cables when inserting the new screen i still did. Luckily nothing bad happened and it still worked.

Reconnecting all the cables to the motherboard went much easier than i though it would which was lucky cause i was nervous about that part.

Once i got it all back together and started it up, i was so relieved but then i noticed that my reception had gone down conciderably. I opened it back up after reading up about it and noticed i hadn't connected the small "speaker" cable correctly. The one that connects near the battery connector. Apparently that one has to do with reception as well.

Mi Consejo

Keep track of your screws! And don't do this on a table above a "hairy" carpet...

Watch for that cable near the battery connector, it was tricky to reconnect. Make sure it really clicks in and cant be wiggled.

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Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver


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