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A shattered screen increases the difficulty

apathos1 -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement


Mi Problema

Dropped the phone off my computer desk with no case on, the screen shattered.

Mi Solucion

Went well enough. The hardest part is separating the screen because of the adhesive. The screen had shattered into tiny slivers where the adhesive is, making it very tedious work to make sure all the glass and adhesive was gone. Other than that, it was pretty straightforward.

Mi Consejo

Might only be my phone, but when I separated the screen from the plastic piece, there was a tiny foam piece stuck to the old screen near the home button. I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I tried to attach it as near to the same place on the new screen as where I found it on the old one. But it wasn't right - that foam piece now pushes the screen out from the body of the phone, making the home button appear to be sunken in.

In retrospect, I should have discarded the foam piece, or worked harder to find out what it belonged to. I will have to take it apart to remove it now.

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