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Unbelievably easy changing the iPhone rear panel

piaedman -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

2 - 5 minutos


Mi Problema

My 4-year-old son throw my Iphone 4 on the floor the other day. Not that I hadn't done it accidentaly earlier myself, but in previous occations, the phone remained undamaged.

This time, the rear panel went broken. I still could use the phone, but it didn't look very fancy covered with some sticky tape.

My insurance wouldn't have covered a repair - only a new phone - and I would have had to pay 170 euros after the insurance compensation.

Ordering a new rear panel and installing it myself was a cheaper and smoother solution for me. I saved time since I skipped taking my phone into a maintenance store. Also, I didn't have to take a risk of losing all info I have in my phone by changing into a totally new one.

Mi Solucion

I followed the video guide and repaired my phone in less than 5 minutes.

Mi Consejo

Watch the video - that's all you need!

Imagen Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


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