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The tools I need for the IT trenches

sean -

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Mi Problema

The problem? Too numerous to name here. Broke your iPhone? I'm your guy. Office printer not working? I'll be there. SQL server deader than a door nail? I'll have it back in no time. I've only had this toolkit for 4 days now and I've already used it 6 times in the field.

Mi Solucion

The kit is the by far the best set of professional tools I've owned. I have yet to encounter a situation it hasn't been useful, considering the short time I've worked with it. Having such a well made, tailored tool kit takes a huge amount of stress of you as a tech responding to an onsite emergency. You may not know what to expect from the problem but you can be confident that this tool kit has your back.

Mi Consejo

The only advice I would have is please please please-more plastic spudgers!!!! Buy them by the bag if you have to, but with all of the glossy phones and media players the ability to open them without scuffing them is huge.

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