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Replacing a PS3 laser

jkrane1 -

Mi Problema

My brother's PS3 stopped reading game disks. Because he is mentally handicapped, gaming is a very important part of his evening. He can be a little fixated on his entertainment. Rather than purchase a new system, I decided to spend $25 on a new laser, $25 on the tools I would need, and take a chance on fixing this out-of-warranty PS3.

Mi Solucion

There are a lot of screws and interlocking parts in the PS3 case, but getting to the laser and replacing it was a fairly easy task. Reassembly (the next evening) was more challenging, and the first time I reassembled, I had three screws left over! The repair didn't work, and I spent a third evening disassembling and reassembling the device. I got very fast and professional, let me tell you. On the tenth attempt, I finally found the ribbon cable I forgot to reconnect, and the repair was successful.

Mi Consejo

If possible, reassemble on the same day you disassemble. It is hard to redo what you forget you undid. If your wife comes home earlier than she said, keep working anyway!

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Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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