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The reluctant reassemble.

pennywennyii -

iPod Mini

iPod Mini Battery Replacement

iPod Mini Battery Replacement

25 - 45 minutos


Mi Problema

The original battery had run the course. A overnight charge gave only about one album of play. Needed more juice.

Mi Solucion

The spudger was a bit thick and required more force than I expected but served adequately. I did break off one small clip at first attack, though it went together in the end. The one big problem was reinserting the assembly, it hung up part way in. After removing and reinserting several times I finally managed to stuff the guts back in. One upper corner of the case had encountered pavement some time in its life, which made getting the cover back on a little stiff but in the end the iPod Mini was back together. Happily, it once again holds a proper charge.

Mi Consejo

A thinner spudger end might be nice. As for the insert problem, I found the factory battery stuck to the board with a bit of rubber. Detaching the battery left a bit of the rubber on the board. I realized after the fact that the new battery is a bit thicker and the rubber should have been removed from the board.

Imagen Spudger


Imagen iPod mini Replacement Battery
iPod mini Replacement Battery


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