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Neat Set, but certainly not the only one you'll ever need

corbin -

Mi Problema

I'm a Tech and work on a large variety of systems. I wanted to have an all in one easy to access set for each job. It's also my personal set which I take with me everywhere. I really needed bits for all the Apple repairs we get.

Mi Solucion

So far, I've had a good experience with this set. For most repairs it covers all my needs. I've only had a few items it wouldn't work with and that was mostly due to the quality of the driver itself. I couldn't get enough torque on it for one system and had to find a beefier screwdriver.

Mi Consejo

For an all around precision starter set.. it's great. I wish the driver was rubbery and possibly thicker or at least easier to grip and apply torque to. It'd help a lot.

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