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Regaining my Sanity - iPhone is alive again

rob -

iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

2 horas


Mi Problema

Dropped iPhone 4 into the toilet! Worked for a week then home button died, the phone was still functional though of sorts. So I looked at ifixit and dismantled the phone. All was going well until I snapped the ribbon cable for the screen. :-( Now I was fretting!

So it was back to my old Nokia dinosaur (circa 2003) until I could get replacement parts.

I ordered the screen, dock and home button from ifixit and it arrived within a few days. (Amazing in itself considering I am in Australia) excellent service guys!

Mi Solucion

Hmmm, It actually worked in the long run (about 3 hours). I HIGHLY recommend watching the video as well as the step by step pics.

Mi Consejo

When re-assembling the iPhone4...

1. Ensure you connect the Antenna properly.

2. Ensure you CONNECT the home button, I actually didn't realise it plugged in! (very tricky unless you have excellent eyesight) I recommend a magnifying glass to insert the mini ribbon strip into the hole.

3. Patience. You need plenty as everything is in miniature.

4. Elation! You finally fix it and you have got your life back!

Thankyou iFixit. This site and service is awesome.

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