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Tiniest Screws Ever!!! Well, not really...but they're small!

spartan1017 -

Mi Problema

I mostly just bought this for practice and for fun. But also, it is nice to have tools like this on hand in the event of a problem. If something goes wrong, I am ready to crack 'er open!

Mi Solucion

This was a very simple task, removing two proprietary screws, and putting in two more user-friendly ones. It takes a couple of minutes. The screws are so small that you are bound to end up fumbling around with them at least a little bit, but nothing terribly tricky.

Mi Consejo

My best advice for this job is to go slow and take your time handling the screws safely. Work over something like a box lid that has raised edges (to catch any falling screws.) If these babies fall, odds are they are gone forever!

Imagen iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit
iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit


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