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IPhone 3G battery replacement

wedwards -

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

25 minutos


Mi Problema

Battery charge lasting less than 8 hours.

Mi Solucion

Very straight forward. Took about 30 minutes. Instructions were clear.

Mi Consejo

Phillips screwdriver and spudger were included with the battery, so unnecessary expense buying separately. Getting battery out took patience to get adhesive to release. Cable #5 was tricky to reattach. Unfortunately did not solve problem. Still happy I have new battery and changing myself empowering.

Imagen iPhone 3G Replacement Battery
iPhone 3G Replacement Battery


Imagen Spudger


Imagen Phillips #00 Screwdriver
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Imagen SIM Card Eject Tool
SIM Card Eject Tool


Imagen Suction Handle
Suction Handle


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