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Unexpected Acts of Awesomeness

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Mi Problema

I've been using your guides for years. I have lost count of how many times I've successfully taken apart any number of computers using your fantastic guides.

Mi Solucion

Smooth sailing for all my repairs. This is more about my awesome experience with bumping into someone on your team, Alex, out on the interwebs. I mentioned that I was a big fan, and he hooked it up with a very cool free T-shirt (the taken apart iPhone 4; I wear it frequently now). It was just one of those random acts of awesomeness that makes your day, but it made me feel more connected and has inspired me to give back to the community -- I'm planning on making a guide soon.

Mi Consejo

One trick I've found help me on Mac laptops especially, with lots of tiny screws that all look the same but are not, is to print the guide and tape the screws on the circles.

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