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Just adding to the kit

djturley -

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Mi Problema

I didn't get the tool kit with any particular project in mind. I just wanted to add to my every day repair kit.

The one item that it will probably replace more than anything is the Kobalt Precision Tool kit, of which I have no qualms about it's use other than the magnetic bits being too weak. I did damage the 3/32 bit from using it to pry apart a laptop case and the tip on one of the files has broken off as well. Also included in my field case is a multimeter, label maker, pocket knife with a razor and small saw, wire cutter and stripper, basic network cable tester, crimping tool, heavier screw driver, staple gun with rounded staples for mounting cables, USB flash drive with Hirens boot disk installed along with other tools and other information, and a SATA/IDE to USB adapter all in a basic Stanley 19" tool box which has doubled as a step stool and chair in a pinch.

Mi Solucion

Have yet to get a ton of use out of the tools as I've only had a couple hardware issues. In that time it has worked exactly as desired. While I had many of the tools in some form already, I did want a larger bit set with security bits for when they came up. Also having the spudgers should save me from having to use a flat-head to pry plastic pieces apart again and risking further damaging another bit.

Mi Consejo

Whatever problem you come across, especially if you're out in the field-take your time to get the job done right. It won't do you any good to get it done fast and half-assed if it just going to have further problems in a week or so.

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