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MBP Ram Upgrade

karlhage -

Mi Problema

The old MBP 2008 was getting a little slow so I dropped some coin and bought 4GB worth of chips to throw under the hood. Trouble is I didn't have any tool to pull the thing apart.

Solution iFixit Pro tool kit

Mi Solucion

no dramas at all, set up the online guide on the iPad (with background beats) and away we went

It took about 5 mins to pull the lid off, chuck the new ram in and put the lid back on. Easy!!!

Mi Consejo

this tool kit is going to pay for its self, i just bought an Optibay drive kit and am going to boost up my storage up to 1TB over the weekend so its gonna come in handy again.

Only problem now is all my mates are asking me to fix their bloody cracked iPhone screens. . . nice

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