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The Slightly Hellish RAM Upgade and Why I've Started Taking Heroin

ka1ssr -

Mi Problema

My Acer Aspire One AOA150 netbook was thrashing like mad lately. No surprise since this was a stock unit with only 1GB of ram. I ordered a 1GB SODIMM from Crucial to take the installed RAM to the maximum 1.5GB limit.

Mi Solucion

To get at the RAM socket, one must disassemble the netbook. The repair guide was a great help. However, those guy and gals on the assembly line wanted to have a little fun that day by setting the torque on their power screwdivers a bit high. A majority of the screws came out fine, but there were two that absolutely refused to budge. I finally got them out after many naughty words and threatening to drill the screw out. The rest of the upgrade went without a hitch.

Mi Consejo

Be prepared for sticky screws. These screws have blue Loc-Tite on them which doesn't help matters.

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