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I spilled a glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice over my MacBook Air

Monica -

Mi Problema

My MacBook Air stopped running immediately after the whole juice was covering almost all the keyboards. I put it upside down and it was like a river of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice flowing out of the Keyboards... with many of the fruit fibers in it. I placed the patient upside down over a towel and waited two days until it was completely dry. In the meantime I ordered the necessary tools from iFixit. Actually the only ones I ended up really using were the Macbook Air 5-Point Pentabole Screwdriver and the T5 Torx screwdriver. I ordered the Pro Tech Base Toolkit

Mi Solucion

I followed the step-by-step teardown instructions on MacBook Air 11" Late 2010 Teardown and it turned out to be a pretty easy task to do. I was very happy having this experience. I opened it and went through all the steps untill step 9. At step 10 I encountered a problem. The screw was like butter and I damaged it with the screw, so it was impossible to move it. I noticed that all internal screws are of very poor quality and if you don't be extra careful handling them, you might render them easily out of shape. Anyways, i realized that the juice didn't went all the way inside the deeper and intricate compartments I was trying to open, so I stopped there and started cleaning everything very carefully with an eyeglasses felt cloth and alcohol from a local pharmacy. After it all looked pretty clean, I went on cleaning Keyboard by Keyboard, lifting them up carefully with my fingers, they pop out with an extra gentle push and after cleaning with alcohol you can pop them back into place. With the space bar and shift keys, as well as all the other ones outlining the writing keyboards, you have to take extra care, because they include extra wire-strings that also must pop correctly into place. After all was clean and every keyboard didn't anymore feel sticky to the touch, I left my baby again to rest upside down for an entire day until completely dry. Finally I plugged in the charger device and the light turn on orange, meaning it was responding and charging... I waited until it went green, then pushed the power button and SUCCESS! My baby was alive!!! :D

Mi Consejo

Handle with extra care the screws in the inside of your Macbook Air. Unlike the outside screws, they are poor quality made and can be bend out of shape easily.

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