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Customer Service to the rescue

diana -

PowerBook G4 Titanium Onyx

PowerBook G4 Titanium Onyx DVD Drive Replacement

PowerBook G4 Titanium Onyx DVD Drive Replacement


Mi Problema

Laptop's original optical drive wouldn't release disks, but functioned correctly (ie burned and read CDs/DVDs), so I got a replacement from iFixit.

Mi Solucion

Installation was a snap, thanks to your clear directions. Upon testing the new drive CDs would burn, but DVDs wouldn't, so I called iFixit and am awaiting a replacement drive. Thanks, iFixit!

Mi Consejo

iFixit is the I.T. do-it-yourselfer's best friend. As far as the installation, the guides say it all, but my additional advice is to line up the parts and screws in the order of removal, so that you have a clear idea of the reversal.

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