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GoPro Hero 5 Battery Housing

Doug Crawford -

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black Battery Housing Replacement

GoPro Hero5 Black Battery Housing Replacement

20 minutos


Mi Problema

Sorry No Photos .. at the time I didnt think about it....

I tried to power up my GoPro and dropped new battery in the unit and would not start .. At first I thought it could have been the motherboard acting up and may need to replace it. I would connect my USB connector to my computer and plug in charger to see if the unit would indicate charging.. Uhmm No charge with battery in place ...

I took the camera apart to trouble shoot the unit and notice when I pulled the battery box connector from the motherboard the red wire from the battery box flipped out. Further investigation indicated the connector in the battery box was broken ...(may have been from slamming the battery in it's holder causing the connector to break.

Mi Solucion

Ordered a new battery box for the GoPro Hero 5 from iFixit .. within a week I had the new battery box (quick shipping!) .... Only took minutes to install the battery box reconnect to the motherboard and assembled the camera for testing. Dropped my fresh new battery in the box and WA-LA ... the ole girl fired right up! ....

I would suggest to anyone who is mechanical / electrical inclined could repair the camera like I did ... if you never messed with taking a camera appart, I would suggest sending it in for repair... but thats $$$$$ .... or you could contact me! ... I'll fix it a whole lot less than some of the high overhead repair shops would charge.

Mi Consejo

Camera has not failed me since my repair ... for the cost of the battery box verses the cost of a new camera .... I saved my self a bunch of $$$$$$$$$ ....

Imagen de GoPro Hero5 Black Battery Enclosure
GoPro Hero5 Black Battery Enclosure


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