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IT Pro says "great kit!"

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Mi Problema

I've worked in IT for 18 years now, but continually work to keep my skills fresh. One surety over that time is the shrinking size of hardware I'm asked to look over and fix at work and with friends and family. This kit allows me to extend those capabilities.

Mi Solucion

I've had the kit about two weeks now and used it to pry into a couple of laptops, an iPod, iPhone and Android phone. It's worked perfectly, and I have yet to run into an assembly or disassembly need not yet met by the tools in this kit.

Mi Consejo

I'd purchase this kit again. I've seen and bought others elsewhere, but it's remained true that the cheaper the kit, the more cheaply made - and easier broken - the kit. This kit is worth it. You won't be sorry.

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