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The elusive iPod

Matthew Frizzell -

iPod Classic

iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement

iPod Classic Logic Board Replacement

1 - 2 horas

Very difficult

Mi Problema

I replaced the battery, the logic board the audio connector and the hold switch in my iPod because the battery in mine would only last for 3 hours and I needed it to last for at least 12 hours because I work extremely long shifts where I'm playing music constantly.

Mi Solucion

Not so swimmingly, it's a very easy process, for the battery, all I did was pull the old battery out swab the old residue off with a cotton swab and alcohol and after that I peel back the glue paper and stuck the battery back where the old battery was. Other than that I feel like I'm pretty proficient in circuitry but connecting the battery port on to the logic board was not ideal and this isn't iFixit's problem this is my problem because I ordered the board through iFixit sent me a working product and it didn't work out too well I went through two boards pulling the battery connector off and trying to reconnect it to my new board the reason I'm not seeking a refund is because I thought it was easier and I was not as proficient as I thought I was so I I am going to see if I can turn these parts into a third party and if they can repair them that's great for me other than that this is not I'm here.... with no iPod.

Mi Consejo

It's a very difficult process at least with logic boards you need to be very good at micro soldering it's a very small set of pads that you have to work with and any misstep you can melt the plastic on the connector.

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iPad mini 1/2 Screen Digitizer


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