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iPad broken.....again

Stephen Sykes -

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

25 minutos


Mi Problema

My iPad again failed due to a weak outer frame and parts that are so weak because they have to be so small for today's current human being to be able to lift it off the table that I am fixing it again. I have no idea what happened this time but some icons would not activate unless I rotated the screen which indicates dead spots on the LCD and then a million lines across the screen showed up . My iPad was in the most expensive protective case I could buy, the Lifeproof Fre. And just so you know it doesn't even come close to meeting their drop test standards by any means. Their case is weak and it's hard and has no impact resistance what so ever. I bought this case because it came with a car mount so I can use it as a GPS but other than that you might as well wrap it in bubble wrap. I am now in a Griffon Survivor that at least has some give and is thick..and yes it is heavier but that just means you may have to hit the gym for some arm curls or just use the stand it comes with.

Mi Solucion

The repair went fine. This is not the first time I have repaired this weak iPad so I had everything apart and waited for the new parts that took me less than 30 minutes to put in.

Mi Consejo

Save your money and buy a rugged, HD tablet that yes may cost over $1000.00 but those will last forever as they are used by the military and professions that take their tablets into the field...literally. This is what I am doing the next time. It's too bad Apple doesn't at least provide an iPad that can take more abuse. I myself would pay a little more to get a better built rugged frame so I don't have to fix this POS every 3 months.

Imagen de iPad mini 2/3 LCD
iPad mini 2/3 LCD


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