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Never Again

Leonard -

iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

4 horas


Mi Problema

Battery was wearing out - didn't hold a charge very long especially when using GPS. Also hoped new battery would speed up the old phone and put off getting a new one for a little while longer.

Mi Solucion

Nice kit with all the right tools. Unfortunately the phone was a real stinker to work on.

Followed your advice and put plastic packaging tape on the display. Licked the suction cup and it got a good grip. Was a real struggle to pop the display off and when it came up it yanked the home button cable off the main board. Miraculously I found the clip - it was surprisingly easy to reassemble. Didn't see any damage so I kept going.

I color coded the screws on the display cables cover with 3 markers. Also colored a small area by the screws on the cover. This made it easy to get the screws back in their right locations.

Was unable to get the battery adhesive strips out even though I heated the case with a hair drier so hot I couldn't touch it. Ended up prying the battery out and scraping the old strips off with my thumb nail. The new strips got all bunched up and unusable so ended up spreading a little silicone sealer on the case to glue the battery in. Probably not a good idea because that stuff gives off acetic acid as it cures. That's why the repair took so long. I left the case open for several hours while the silicone was curing.

I really think the instructions could use a little work for putting the new adhesive strips on. It was difficult to follow. Otherwise I think the instructions were very good.

After I got it all back together - sure enough the home button didn't work. I gotta have a phone so I went out and got a new iPhone X ($ yowch !) I'm gonna order a replacement home button for the old 5s and give it one last try. If it survives the operation I'll give it to my girl friend.

Mi Consejo

I'm very handy mechanically and electrically but this was a bit too much for me.

Imagen de iPhone 5s Battery
iPhone 5s Battery


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