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Upgrade Macbook 120g HD to SSD Hybrid 750 HD

bdnmj -

Mi Problema

I became concerned about my aging HD in my 2007 era Macbook. No problems were present other than what a recent memory (1G to 4G) upgrade solved. And, I now have a bootable backup copy on my old drive.

Mi Solucion

After watching the helpful video (3 times) from iFixit I was able to clone my new drive via SuperDuper using my new Firewire 400 SATA Laptop Hard Drive enclosure and and then exchanged my new drive for the old one in my laptop. Worked like a charm.

Mi Consejo

The Pro Tech Toolkit made the swap a breeze, and the SSD Hybrid HD loads programs much faster - It's like having a new laptop!

I found it to be simple and fun to do.

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