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Was Frustrated w/ order ...iFixit fixed it

Carlos Spicyweiner -

Mac mini Mid 2011

Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

Installing Mac mini Mid 2011 Dual Hard Drive Kit

2 - 4 horas


Mi Problema

I needed more HD space so I bought the Mac Mini upgrade kit. I had it 2 day shipped so that I could add the HD before going on a long trip (my mini is my media server so I was going to use Plex to access movies).

Anyway, I installed the kit and the cable didn't work. I sent a frustrated email to ifixit and they overnighted a cable to me. That cable worked and I was able to use my machine as I had intended.

Mi Solucion

Repair was fine after the HD cable was replaced.

Mi Consejo

Make sure that all the cables are plugged in. Somehow the fan cable became loose and luckily I kept an eye on the temperature using istat. When I noticed the temp increasing I shut down the machine and noticed that the fan cable had somehow become unhooked.

Imagen Mac mini Dual Drive Kit
Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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