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Why can't I hear anything?

Bob DaCanto -

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Mi Problema

A friend at work couldn't hear anything on his phone without using the speaker phone. He was using this funky case that also had a battery pack so his iPhone 5s was constantly charging. Problem was his battery swelled up like a blow fish and popped the top of the phone right out of the case. I replaced the battery and the phone was as good as new. In fact he was so pleased he had me fix another 5s that had dying battery. Now he has a great working iPhone 5s and a back up one.

Mi Solucion

The repair went great over all. I did forget to put the home button cable cover back on after I closed it up. I started packing up my tools and found the little guy sitting on the iFixit mat waiting to go back in. A quick pop of the case again and now it's really a completed repair.

Mi Consejo

Advice? Yes, Don't forget that home button cover. It's tiny and has no screws so he is easy to forget.

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