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Changed screens (Encountered a minor problem)

tlauer1 -

Mi Problema

I broke my screen when I took the phone apart to clean the home button.

Mi Solucion

The repair went well until it came time to put on the new screen. The clear plastic ring around the front-facing camera wasn't installed correctly. This ring fits like a key into the space around the camera. If the ring isn't installed correctly then it won't fit into the space. I needed to remove the ring so I could rotate it by a degree or two and reattach it with glue. In the process I scratched the back of the screen and the damage can be seen when looking at the screen. Since the clear ring is glued on, I'm not sure how it could possibly be removed without causing damage to the screen like I did.

Mi Consejo

If the top part of the screen doesn't seem to be fitting like it should, it might be because the ring around the front-facing camera wasn't attached correctly. I would consider sending the screen back for a replacement because it is too difficult to get the ring off without causing visible damage.

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