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Easy Replacement of Dead iPhone 4 Battery

anwhite03 -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

5 - 30 minutos


Mi Problema

My wife's iPhone 4 took it upon itself to leap into a "bowl of water" ! We dried it out with hair dryer (at a distance) plus white rice for 2 days. But the LiIon battery was dead - would not charge past 3%.

Mi Solucion

Ordered iPhone Liberation Kit, Pry tools and new LiIon battery from ifixit. The day the bubble wrapped packet arrived, I followed the very intelligent instructions to remove old battery and replace with new. In about 20 min max taking it slow and easy and cautious.

Mi Consejo

Only hesitation I had was trying to unscrew the tiny Philips screw for the battery connect plate! Found the right size Philips driver and the rest was easy - well except for relacing that very tiny connect-plate screw: it kept been pulled to the magnetized part next door!

Imagen iPhone 4 Replacement Battery
iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


Imagen iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit
iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit


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