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Bad MacBook Backlight

pondaji -

MacBook Core 2 Duo

MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD Panel Replacement

MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD Panel Replacement

1 - 4 horas


Mi Problema

The backlight on my wife's Core2Duo mid-2009 White Macbook would go out about ten seconds after logging-in. From Google and the iFixit site it seemed that the problem was probably a short inside the LCD which was causing the inverter to overheat and cut out. I figured it was either this or the inverter board itself, but guessed it was the LCD.

Mi Solucion

It took quite a while to get everything apart, but the guides on iFixit were clear, and there were no surprises. After getting everything back together I was pleased to see that my guess was right and now it works like new again!

Mi Consejo

Watch where the cables exit from under the LCD to the clutch cover. If these are not in the right place the cover will not fit back on and you will need to loosen the LCD to re-position them.

Imagen MacBook 13.3" LCD Panel
MacBook 13.3" LCD Panel


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