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Replacement for MacBook battery

Florian Cokl -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Battery Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Battery Replacement

1 minuto

Very easy

Mi Problema

My Partner just loves to walk around with the MacBook and use it in different spots. I've installed a couple of AC-Adapters, too. However, she likes to run the Mac on battery only very much. Well, after 4 years the Akku got a little thicker, besides that it lost capacity (the loss in capacity wasn't that much - about 60% left from what it had in the beginning). I was just worried that the body-structure would be harmed so I searched on for replacement. Since the MacBook is still doing a very fine job after 4 years it's absolutely reasonable to get a new Akku and run it for hopefully another 4 years or even more?

Mi Solucion

quick and easy - just open the lock on the bottom, this will release the Akku, take it out, get the part-number (the one beginning with A....), enter the part-number in ifixits' search-box, verify you have chosen the right one, check out, wait about a week for delivery to Europe, put the new one in place, lock it, enjoy your ride.

Mi Consejo

What ever it is - just do it! Yes, you can!

Imagen MacBook Replacement Battery
MacBook Replacement Battery


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